Excellence in quality analysis in animal nutrition

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FeedView is a computer vision-based system capable of carrying out quality analysis on both raw materials, feed, and pellets.

The system extracts information such as color, shape, size, and texture from high-resolution images and thus performs the most diverse types of quality analysis.

All the information extracted is passed on to a powerful artificial intelligence. The system presents a wide range of possibilities, always molding itself to the existing processes of the companies or accelerating the creation of new processes.

Gains and advantages:

  • Optimizes the time of grains and seeds quality analyzes.
  • Reduces the release time of lots.
  • Reduces the hand-labor needed.
  • Eliminates human errors in grading and classification.
  • Brings transparency to trade negotiations.
  • Enables traceability.
  • Instant feedback to industry (machine to machine).
  • Allows visual counter-tests.
  • Real-time tracking on different locations.
  • Standardized analyzes.
  • Cost reduction.

Raw materials analyzed

Soybean meal
Cotton Meal
Soybean husk

Analysis of raw materials

Color Analysis
Uniformity Analysis
Impurities Analysis
Texture Analysis
Analysis of contaminants
Insect presence Analysis
Analysis of physical defects
Positioning of raw materials

Types of feed

Dogs and cats
Miscellaneous Rations

Final product analysis

Count and Weight of a Thousand Elements
Product Uniformity Analysis
Contaminants Attendance Analysis
Percent Product Analysis (Product Mix)
Analysis of Broken and Damaged Feeds
Sieve Classification and Geometry
Physical defect analysis
Classification by Color and Texture
Classification of Pellets


Analysis in less than 1 minute
Quality assurance from the raw material
More than 300 features analyzed by object
Standardization of analyzes
Analysis of two faces of objects


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