L Series

The GroundEye L Series has focus in assessing vigor of seeds, evaluating seedlings and leaves.

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Using the method of measuring seedlings to determine vigor (it calculates the size of the vegetal structures of each seedling), the platform allows that a huge number of lots are analyzed in a fast, reliable and standardized way. The results of the analyzed samples are displayed almost instantly and stored for future retrieval and reports.
The L Series contains an information capture equipment composed of a conveyor belt that captures images in video in real-time in conjunction with a powerful proprietary software. All of it allows that this series yields an enormous gain in speed of the analysis process.
Beyond the information of the vigor of the lot, this series also presents numerous information such as: Quantity of normal and abnormal seedlings; Germinated and not-germinated seeds; Mean sizes of the primary roots, hypocotyl or coleoptile, primary leaf (plummet), total size, size of secondary roots , and others.
The software is intuitive, easy to use and can be installed in laptop or desktop computers. Through a USB connection the capture module transfers the images to the computer where the GroundEye L processes them.


Identification of nutritional unbalance
Leaf area
Plagues damages
Length of radicle and hypocotyl
Presence of secondary roots
And many others. Want to know more? Contact us!


Analysis performed in less than a minute
Adjustable to the quality parameters of each client
No human subjectivity
Customizable reports
Fast vigor calculus
Comparable analysis of different lots

Dimensions: 159 x 66 x 55cm

Input voltage: 100V ~ 240VAC 50/60Hz

Average weight: 40kg (no packaging)


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