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The analysis of the effects of each variable that affects the development of plants is of fundamental importance for the validation of a product. Some effects are directly related to the vertical and lateral growth of the seedlings, as well as their foliage. Due to the demands and aiming for greater agility, assertiveness, and standardization in the process, we have developed the GroundEye M, an equipment that quantifies the development of seedlings.

The equipment captures top and side images of the seedlings, which will later be analyzed by the GroundEye, which identifies patterns and extracts characteristics of color, texture, and geometry of the structures.The entire process of capturing, analyzing, and issuing a report takes around 2 minutes.

The equipment is ideal for companies that need to quickly and standardizedly analyze batches of seedlings subjected to treatments for genetic improvement, soil fertility, foliar efficiency, and pesticide efficiency, among others.





Time reduction
Both upper and side views
Instant results
Human subjectivity elimination
Result traceability
Standardization of results


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