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The development of technologies that allow the optimization of processes in agriculture is essential for the sustainable growth of this sector, which is one of the pillars of the economy.

Tbit has equipment capable of identifying diseases, recognizing and quantifying the total and damaged leaf area. The characteristics of the leaves, the required precision, and the volume of the analyses determine the ideal model for each client.

With a multi-crop platform, the equipment allows leaves from the main crops to be analyzed quickly, accurately, and in a standardized manner. Visible diseases and injuries are identified and quantified with the help of powerful machine learning tools, which use AI to identify patterns and create associations from known examples and data.

The possible models that can be used for leaf analyses are:

GroundEye S120: Suitable for smaller leaves;

GroundEye S800: Suitable for larger leaves and with the need for great detail;

GroundEye L300: conveyor belt equipment, suitable for large volumes of analyses.


Up to 90% faster than manual analysis
Exact injured area quantification
Human subjectivity elimination
Result traceability


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