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ZeaEye is a revolutionary portable equipment that allows the user to evaluate corn cobs in a fast, accurate and efficient way. Using it, it is possible to get detailed information about each cob, including:

  • Granulation index: rates the percentage of filled grains in the cob;
  • Grain counting: enumerate the total amount of grains in the cob;
  • Cob measurement: measures lenght and diameter of each cob;

ZeaEye also provides summarized batch data, favouring general production analysis and strategical decision making.


  • Versatility: the equipment can be used both in the field (storing images) and in indoor (connected to a PC);
  • Long lasting battery: up to 4 hours of continuous using, ensuring an uninterrupted evaluation of a big number of samples;
  • High storage capacity: it can keep up to 10.000 analysis, allowing the user to analyze a large number of corn cobs before needing to transfer the data to the PC;
  • Portability: compact and lightweigt design, making it easier to transport and field usage;
  • High precision: each corn cob is rotated during the evaluation, leading to multiple pictures per analysis and resulting in high accuracy;
  • Fast processing: no more than a couple seconds to register each cob, optimizing evaluation time;
  • Easy connection: batch reference input is inserted by smartphone, tablet or PC;
  • Efficient data transfer: for posterior analysis, cobs data can be easily sent to a PC through a flash drive or ethernet cable;

ZeaEye is the ideal tool for:

  • Grain producing or processing companies;
  • Breeders;
  • Cooperatives and warehouses;
  • Consultants;
  • Farmers;
  • Researchers;

Working on R6 stadium (and above), ZeaEye is a complete solution for corn cob evaluation. Invest in precision, accuracy and quality with ZeaEye!

Dimensions: 50 cm W x 24 cm D x 53 cm H ( (19.7″ W x 9.5″ D x 20,9″ H).

Weight: 10 Kg (22 lbs)

Input voltage: 100V ~ 240VAC 50/60Hz

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Portable equipment with 4 hours of autonomy
Corn ear reading in seconds
Lot's information through smartphone or tablet
Automatic discharge of analyzed corn ears


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