SC Series

Assesses and classifies in an automated way the quality of the seed coating which passed through a treatment process in the industry (TSI) or on farm.

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The GroundEye SC was created as an automated way the quality of seed coating made through a treatment process in the industry (TSI) or on farm.

By analyzing color, geometry and texture of samples from lots of treated seeds, the SC series can determine the coverage quality according to previously defined parameters.

GroundEye SC represents subjective elimination and productivity increase regarding seed coat analysis in industrial seed treatment plants and seed processing unities, besides being also a powerful tool for R&D.

It is also possible to conduct this analysis using GroundEye S Series. However the main advantage of using the SC Series is the agility provided by the video analysis. The samples are placed on a conveyor belt, that can be in constant motion, increasing the speed of the whole process.

Besides seed coat, the equipment can be used to analyse any product that does not require a very high resolution. In that case, the S Series is recommended.


Seeds coverage evaluation
Seeds counting
Eletronic sieve
Weight of a thousand seeds (PMS)
Greenish seeds
… and much more.


Up to 1kg of seeds analyzed per minute
Automatic dispenser
Quality Control of TSI
Detailed and customizable treatment reports
Rework reduction in the process
Approval of standarized lots



Dimens: 75 X 36 X 54 cm

Input voltage: 100V ~ 240VAC 50/60Hz

Average weight: 20kg (no packaging)


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