The definitive equipment in the classification of rice grains

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GroundEye Rice is the most complete equipment for the analysis of rice grains. Like other Tbit equipment, it extracts in minutes more than 300 features of each grain analyzed and applies modern techniques of artificial intelligence to classify it.

This product is destined for the rice industries that excel by quality. It allows it to extract the maximum efficiency from the separation machines once you can identify all the details of the grains. In addition, it is a tool of extreme importance for the analysis of the lots received, not only streamlining its analyzes, but also standardizing the classification, bringing transparency to the negotiation with suppliers and allowing the quality traceability by supplier or period.

The equipment adapts to any standard of quality control requirement of each company. In this way, the more subtle defects, difficult to detect by the human eye are easily evaluated by the equipment.

In addition, GroundEye Rice also collaborates with research on breeding and cultivation of new cultivars as it characterizes cultivars perfectly and compares them in all respects.







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