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GroundEye Soy is a milestone in Brazilian agribusiness history becoming the first system in the world capable of automatically classify soybeans. This innovative technology, allows a revolution to the classification process, bringing to the deals quickness, precision, standardization and transparency.

The system use powerful AI created over years of collecting images of grains from all across national territory. It follows Instrução Normativa 11/2007, which regulates the soybean classification process in Brazil (and will evolve as new rules emerge).

GroundEye Soy uses top tier technology to assure accuracy and reliability to the classification. The system is composed of:

  • High resolution cameras: pictures taken of soybeans are very detailed, capturing both top and bottom images from each sample;
  • Intelligent software: analyzes the pictures and classify grains according to predefined parameters using AI and computer vision;

The future of soybean classification:

GroundEye Soy represents a big technology leap to soybean classification, opening paths to a more efficient, transparent and safe future to all Brazilian agribusiness. It has the potential to revolute the segment, boosting Brazilian soybean productiveness, quality and competitiveness in international market.


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